Saturday, 10 July 2010

Space Mission #2

Hi there ladies...
I'm back again with this cheeky astronaut image. This time a long tall card.

I used some blue star paper for the background and used some more glittery space dust to trail behind him.

The finishing touches were silver stars and a greeting. I have some more images from Digi stamp boutique coloured in and just waiting to be put on some cards. I seem to be selling lots of boy cards recently so I have a few more of these on the go....

Have you all been sun worshipping today? I have been in and out but have spent a lot of the day doing my daughter's washing. She came back from a week away in the New Forest with the most disgusting wet blob of dirty laundry. She went canoeing and fell in the lake!
And what was she wearing when she did this...her favourite WHITE zip up Mickey mouse sweatshirt. It's been in the wash twice and used up quite a bit of Vanish! I forgive her as I have missed her loads and she ran into my arms when she saw me and had a few tears...even in front of her school mates and teachers. Ahhh!

I have made a couple of cards aswell today...WHOAAAA!!! I know ...I can't believe it myself!
Must away and photograph them now so I can post them up tomorrow.....Bye for now!


  1. A great card for a boy.
    Bet you were really pleased to see her. My son once came back from cub camp wearing the same clothes he had left in....they had to be binned....not washed!!!!

  2. Just knew that week would fly by - bet you are as glad to have her back as she is to be back.

    Fab card too btw