Saturday, 2 July 2011

Headteachers Tea party...

Hi all....
Every Friday at two o'clock, Star of the week pupils from each class are invited to a tea party with the headmaster where they have squash and cake and biscuits and get a certificate celebrating their success.
So here is the display board I created all ready for their photos...

Obviously based on The Mad Hatters Tea Party from Alice in Wonderland...I had lots of fun choosing bright colours. I was inspired by the Party Rings Biscuits packaging.

I've spent today reading in the garden and watching Wimbledon.
I will do some cardmaking later hopefully...
see ya


  1. This is brilliant Sally and far better than the assemblies we have to give them their certificates. I am lovin' that display board. Hugs, Claire x

  2. What a brilliant idea - wish our school was this creative xx

  3. Splendid idea and I bet it works really well.

    Hope you are having a fabulous weekend

    Happy Sunday - I'm off to Newbury (Artstamps show) and meeting up with four fellow bubblers, should be a blast!