Friday, 25 November 2011

Craft Fair...No.1..DONE!

Hello there peeps...
I had meant to post something for you a few nights ago but I just couldn't get a connection.

I have been busy sewing during the evenings and tonight I did the first of the 3 Christmas fairs that I have booked in...
A local village Hall in the West Sussex countryside... 

Aswell as the usual cards I have also been making some keyrings....
Some with felt .....

and some made from Crochet flowers that were given to me by a crafty friend. I added some buttons and some pink net...

I loved making these...
but my stock of flowers is running out so I think I may need to learn how to crochet them....
I'm having a relaxing day tomorrow...more sewing and watching tv.
Hope you all have a good weekend!
I'll be back soon with some very girly christmas fairies....x


  1. Those key rings are gorgeous,Sally....and I really do wish I could crochet.

  2. Crochet is way beyond my area of expertise, but I would love to be able to do it! I hope you had a good day at the craft fair, your work is lovely!

    I am muchly looking forward to the girly Christmas fairies!

  3. Your stand looks fab - hope you sold out!

    All the best for the other two too


  4. Hope the fair went well, your stall looks fab lovely stitchy items as well how cute is that house!!

  5. Gorgeous makes Sally!! Your cards and keyrings look beautiful displayed. Hope you did really well!