Sunday, 7 February 2010

Selling cards in the Priory...

It feels like ages since my last blog...It is getting difficult during the latter part of the week as I am in school wrapping up the last few weeks of my NVQ...
I have a few assignments to finish and another observation this month!
Back to cardmaking and here is a quick moving home card I was asked to do. It had to have a horse on it! I went back to my Sizzix machine for some inspiration....

Another reason for being busy...'The Crafty Chicks' were asked if they would like to sell their wares at a craft sale in Boxgrove Priory, so yesterday we set up and enjoyed the beautiful surroundings of this gorgeous place...

This is Fiona standing in front of my cards. You can see her gorgeous bunting on the table behind her.

There was even a Morris dancing display! The priory has been closed for a while having some restoration and one of the improvements is under floor heating!
It was lovely and warm inside and beautifully lit!

We all had a nice afternoon chatting to customers and I was asked if I would be interested in stocking the Village store/Post office with my cards...
I will be phoning and making an appointment to go and see about that very soon.

I also received a lovely DT parcel from Wild Rose Studios so look out for some cards made with some new stamps and papers here very soon.
I am off to do some cardmaking now!! Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Wow what a gorgeous place to sell your cards!!
    There is absolutely nothing like that here...I am considering just going along to a car boot sale to see if I can sell some of my cards.

  2. Thanks for you comment! If you email me your address I will send the stamp off to you tomorrow! Glad to give him a home!


  3. It looks like a fab place to sell you cards, I hope you did well. Your table looks great, can I ask where you got your baskets from? They show off your cards really well. xx

  4. What a great place to sell.....such wonderful surroundings...and well done on your post office 'job'.
    Have been to the Brighton Exhibition today...and couldn't resist a few bits and pieces!!