Thursday, 18 March 2010

The early bird....

Yep...That's me this morning!
Up at 6.30am today...showered and dressed by 7am and on the computer to say 'Hi' to you. My assessor gave me lots to do for finalising bits and bobs..'Mopping up' as she calls it! Lots of reflective analysis now and setting myself targets for the future....!
It's DT day for me at school and I am in with the big kids in year 5/6,(For anyone not in the know...That's 11 year olds)
I am showing you today another card made with Penny Black Stickeroos. I am making more of these as the post office lady liked them and took a lot from my stock!

I couldn't resist this red and white spotty paper as the background.

I can't remember where I got these flowers but I love the red and green tinges on them. I am very low on flowers now and was looking at a very cheap 99p fabric spray in Wilkinsons not long know these silk flower type things....
Terrible dust traps if you have them in your house but I thought of pulling them all apart for the petals...Anyone else do this?
Ok, Time Check! It's 7.20 am... I am off to turn on Chris Evans on Radio 2 and prance around the kitchen doing breakfast and embarrasssing my daughters with some singing and dancing...we love it when he plays 'Candyman'.
Have a great day!


  1. Blimey you were up early Sally! Love this card, the colours are fab and fresh - PB images are fab too! Enjoy you're day with the Year 5/6 kids - I'm sure they will be totally inspired by whatever you create today. Claire x

  2. Hi, I've hopped over from Bridgette & i must say I love your things. this card is so sweet, the hedgehog are so cute. I too love to pick off the flower heads and have jars of the things (dunhelms quite good for flowers too)
    Fleur xXx

  3. Oooooh, this is so sweet Sally! The colours make me feel all summery - I'm thinking strawberries for some reason!
    Have you tried the Prima e-lines? £1.50ish for a pack of 24 and if you get white ones, you can colour them in with your PROMarkers - then they'll match perfectly!
    Hugs x