Thursday, 3 June 2010

Pink and Green in the garden.

Afternoon to you all...hope you have been enjoying the weather.
Some gardening photos further down the post but first a card. A Wild Rose studio stamp and background paper. I have used a lovely colour combo of 'pink and green' as advised by The Creative Card Crews challenge.
I love the softness of the colours. A very feminine card I think! Just a touch of glitter on her dress.

I got these cheapy silk flowers off ebay and pulled them apart, taking out the plastic centre. They look so much better with buttons in the middle....
Now onto the gardening.....

While we were trimming an orange blossom bush my daughter spied this under a branch...

Now I'm not an expert but this crysallis/cocoon was hanging on a bit precariously. We were all were a bit concerned as it's bottom had come off and we could see the creepy crawlies inside...caterpillars in little cells. Fascinating!
The gardening stopped for a while in that area...Do you think they will be alright?

Our garden is going through a transformation. We are having some decking laid very soon.

Carrying on from yesterdays post and the toilet roll painting...lots of you wanted to know how it turned out...well there was more painting today. Yellow stripes were put on and we now have a rather lovely purple base on it. The finished article tomorrow.
Have a good evening if you are
See you back here soon!


  1. Hi Sally
    Lovely card - WRS stamps are great.
    The cocoon thing in your garden looks very much like the beginnings of a wasps nest, I think. I have had 2 in my outhouse loft and they were so similar. I didn't take the risk with mine and got rid of it straight away - small children and wasps don't mix well and they would stay in the garden till the end of autumn.

  2. I thought it looked like a wasp nest too....we have them every year trying to build one in the girls playhouse!

  3. Sounds like it might be best to get rid of it,Sally!!
    Intrigued to see what the toilet roll turns into.

  4. Love that card Sally, I love pink and green together. Yep it definitely looks like a wasps nest and I would be inclined to get rid of it straight away - they are a nuisance and the last thing you want around the garden with children. Hugs, Claire x

  5. Sally it definitely looks like a wasps or hornets nest. They reckon the best time to remove it is in the evening as they are really docile. Have you actually seen any live wasps around the nest? looks as though the nest has been damaged so the live one's may have retreated. They do say not to use dangerous chemicals on the nest, maybe call someone in? i do agree they look like a crysalis. I just can't think it could be anything else apart from a wasp/hornet nest. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
    Your card is lovely hun. Hugs Clare xxx

  6. Oh my!! If it's wasps or hornets honestly get rid of them!! I know it sounds cruel but they take no prisoners!! They can soon finish off that 'hive' and then have scouts sitting just in side to whizz out and attack anything that approaches! I dad was a bee keeper. Bees won't attack for no reason (they're too busy!) but wasps will..once you're passed that invisible line, they will go for you! I had one in my hedge last year! Its on my blog!!


  7. oh sorry!! Your card is lovely, might have a go at the pink and green!

  8. Hi
    Lovely little card, I love the colours. I really like the fresh colours especially at this time of year, one of my favourite colour combinations, pink and green. Nice cards and a great blog


  9. Yep, I was thinking wasp nest myself. If it's not in the way - leave it as once they've flown they won't return next year.
    Garden's looking good too