Saturday, 8 January 2011

Re-cycled xmas card boxes...

Hello there...
First week back to work over...Today I really want to do some cardmaking as I have nothing new to show you...But I have made some little boxes from my christmas card stash.

Really simple to make...just cut along the fold of your card so you have the top and bottom pieces.
Trim a little of each side of the back piece which will become the bottom section of the box...then fold in the sides to your chosen depth...make four cuts in the corners and fold in.
I added some ribbon around one of them...
There are quite a few ideas on the web for re-cycling your cards.
I saw a really lovely star and a wreath which I would like to try.
Have a good weekend!
I'm off to start some new projects...TTFN xxx


  1. Great way to recycle,Sally....I've saved quite a few tins from xmas....all ready for recycling as gift holders.

  2. A perfectly splendid idea Sally, you are such a creative person


  3. Fabulous idea Sally! I agree with Kathy; you really are so creative. xx