Sunday, 22 May 2011

Universal Studios...

Hi all...
It's another scorcher here in Orlando and today we have been to Universal Studios.
Hubby and I last came here 16 years ago (before the kids.

Just had to do the JAWS boat ride and the E.T adventure...

I have to take lots of pictures of my littlest with Tigger who is the class mascot at school. A child is chosen every Friday to take him home and share in the weekend adventures making entries into his scrapbook. Her class voted that he should join us in Florida...but its a bit like having a third child and we are forever saying "Where's Tigger?".."Have you got Tigger?"...Imagine losing him or leaving him somewhere. The responsibility is huge.

Still got 'Seaworld' and 'Magic Kingdom' to do this week....Where hopefully I can get a photo of Tigger with 'Tigger'!!!
See you all soon....xxxx


  1. Did you "do" the Wizarding World of Harry Potter whilst you were there too? How are you getting on finding the craft stores???? Looks like you are having an absolute ball - the kids too!!!


  2. Oh Sally it looks amazing!!! You lucky things!

    Your not missing much here...we have gales and horizontal rain!!

  3. It all looks such fun,Sally....and brings back lots of memories of our visit.