Sunday, 26 June 2011

Glee...LIVE at the O2!!!

Are you a Gleek?
I have to admit that myself and my family are all Gleeks...We love it!
Just for those of you who don't know what 'glee' is ... (You may find this post fairly boring) It's on E4...(Sky One when the new series comes back) and it's an American show set in a High school. The stories revolve around the schools 'glee' club and their teacher...singers and dancers who dream of winning the national championship. Difficult to describe the ups and downs of their lives but it makes you laugh, cry, and sing along to their fab renditions of classic and new songs. They have taken on Lady Gaga, Madonna and Britney Spears in recent episodes.
So here are my photos from the Glee Live tour taken yesterday at the O2 in London with all the cast...
We were originally sitting side on and on level 3 when ten minutes before the show a member of staff tapped my hubby on the shoulder and asked us if we wanted a better view...Er..yeah!!!!
She then gave us complimentary tickets to the front of the stage V.I.P area!!!
We raced downstairs clutching drinks and sweets...It was very exciting!!!

We were so was brilliant!

They were all fabulous singers...and so happy, smiling and waving trying to reach the kids hands who were by the barricade at the front row. The security guys were bringing all the little girls to the front so they had a good view.
If you are a glee fan...hope you enjoyed the pics!...xxxx


  1. Oh Sally me and Lucy are mega jealous...what a great spot you got!!!! Excellent photos!!xx

  2. Great location for you - looks like you really enjoyed yourselves - only ever seen the show on TV in Florida.

    Happy Sunday