Sunday, 20 December 2009

I'm still here!

Hi Ladies...
Well it has been a week since the hardrive died on our main computer.
We called our the engineer who has fixed it before and he came to pick it up but he has had lots of work on and christmas things to do so we are still waiting...and it is agony!!!
I am using a very old slow laptop.
So many apologies and I hope you bear with me.

So what have I been doing...
I have been to see 'Twilight New moon' for the second time. Just love it.
I have read the first book 3 times and have all the others under the Christmas tree.
The Christmas shopping is nearly done.
I have a few get togethers planned, drinks and nibbles and the girls are visiting friends and going to parties.

Our trip to New York looked a bit doubtful at the beginning of the week, thanks to B.A cabin crew at Heathrow but it is still on for now and we are getting things together for our departure on the 30th December!

I do hope to do a proper Christmas post with photos very soon.
You can view my latest DT card for Susie's Sassy Challenge over on her blog...the theme is 'A touch of Gold'....

Please leave me a comment or send me some news or gossip...I am trying to get round to some blogs...laptop time allowed!
Until next time...

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  1. Hi Sally, sorry to hear your computer is still poorly - I can totally sympathise I was lost without mine. I am so jealous of you jetting off to New York, although it was touch and go at the beginning of the week wasn't it!! I hope you get your 'puter back really soon. I've been looking at all your cards and I'm gobsmacked - they are all so stunning. I promise that after Christmas I'll come back more regularly and leave you comments (I've been visiting but not commenting - how bad!!). Have a fab Christmas and have a great time in NYC. Hugs, Denise x