Tuesday, 22 December 2009

A Shaggy Dog Story...

Here is another card order from last week...
'Thank you so much' to Susie who bailed me out by sending me this scruffy dog die cut. I hate turning down orders but sometimes it's more trouble than it's worth but she came to my rescue....
I don't have any close ups as it was very dark outside and the flash made them look awful. I had to rush off to school so just the one photo!

I'm still reading my 'Twighlight' book and last night I read 'Midnight Sun' which is on Stephanie Meyers website. This is an unfinished draft of 'Twilight' but told from Edwards viewpoint and it is gripping! It got leaked onto the internet so she has put it on for all to read...200 pages.
I really hope she decides to finish it as it will be another excellent book.

I hope I can do some cardmaking tomorrow...only one last present drop at 3pm to do!
Hope you are all taking it easy now and looking forward to Thursday and Friday.
Pop back again soon...♥


  1. That's a cute card,Sally...glad you managed to get the dog....and thank you very much for my lovely card.