Tuesday, 12 January 2010

My hubby is 40 today!

Hi ladies...
No, this isn't his birthday card...I made him a football one but it is much too boring to post up!
I went shopping with a friend while he was at work and then he went off to meet his mates at the gym while I stayed home and had a candlelight dinner waiting on the table when he got home....(well, it's only once a year)
I bought some slutty lace tights, a silver cross, a lace headband and a tartan skirt..all in the sale at River Island!
He popped into the dress hire shop and is currently choosing from a few outfits for his 80's night..
1. Prince Charming Adam Ant
2. Maverick flight suit..Top Gun
3. Officer and a Gentleman white military..(my personal favourite)
4. Freddie Mercury
5. Micheal Jackson..Thriller
What do you all think?

Back to my card today...this was very popular a few years ago and I just found a bit of the squared paper so made one for the stock basket.

Very simple daisy punch and beads...I made them smaller last time and they made good
Thank you cards.
I am back in the classroom tomorrow and back doing my NVQ...Can't wait to finish this now! pop back theme starts on Thursday for Susie's Sassy Challenge!
bye for now...


  1. Has to be Maverick! Hope your hubby has a lovely evening and enjoys his Birthday.

  2. Gorgeous card Sally - love all those pretty flowers!
    Happy Birthday to your hubby, Adam Ant for me!
    (You'll have to post pics!)

  3. Happy Birthday to hubby....Top Gun for me.Have a wonderful evening.

  4. Adam Ant for me...sorry...not helping are we. Love your card though Sally. Its beautiful! Lauren x Just thought, maybe he could go as Maverick but with beads in his hair and a white stripe across his nose.....har har

  5. OOO...either Top Gun or the Officer and a Gentlemen!
    Your outfit sounds good too..very 80s!

    Enjoy...make sure you get some good pics to share!

  6. Yep, Prince Charming - Adam Ant for me too. Great card but you too easily led us all off topic!! Hope he had a great birthday