Monday, 20 September 2010

A Ruby wedding.....

Evening all....
Mr Blogger sure took his time this evening. not sure what photos are going to pop up on this post. I have done everyone of them at least twice.
Just wanted to share a quick order that I made for a friends parents.

She asked me for it on Wednesday...or should I say she 'grovelled' for it as it was for the weekend and she needed it by Friday afternoon.. A Ruby Wedding card....

So I didn't have much prep but she was very happy that I could do it, so that's good.
First time use for the red flowers that were £2.59 for a spray, that once I had pulled apart gave me about 120 flowers.
Just got time to check out some challenges before I have tea and then start on a new card order which is another wedding Anniversary.
More chat and cards soon....TTFN!


  1. Lovely card at such short notice,Sally.

  2. Fab card Sally!
    I got a few bunches of flowers from the poundshop the other day and pulled them apart...saves some pennies! (to spend on other crafty stash!lol)

  3. This is lovely Sally. Did you die-cut the letters or are they stickers?

  4. Super - I bet your pal will be delighted with it.


  5. gorgeous card ~for one made so quickly!!
    vanessa xx