Thursday, 4 November 2010

As featured in 'Beautiful Cards'...

Hi all...
I thought that it would be good to put together a file with some of my favourite magazine work, school displays, sewing projects etc...a sort of Visual Art and Craft CV, so here is one of my favourite card features fron Beautiful Cards magazine....

The brief was 'Under the Sea and I was going through a Sizzix Doll phase.
Pop back again for some Christmas cards and some challenges...No time to post and do all the linking today as it's swimming lessons so tea starts as soon as girls are in from school.
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I love reading them!!!


  1. A smashing article with some fab projects included Sally.


  2. love the projects..makes you want to head for the sizzix doll dies gathering dust in the cupboard!!
    vanessa xx

  3. Oh Sally, I remember your Sizzix doll cards so well - I loved them. There was one time we had to make new job cards and you did a fab one with a painter/decorator - it was brilliant! xx

  4. What a great idea to gather all your creations together like that.

    It's great what you did with the sizzix dolls.