Saturday, 27 November 2010

My Wild Rose Studio draw.....

Hello Wild Rose Studio fans...
Thank-you sooo much for leaving me a comment and making a card with our Dawny's sketch. It was great hopping around all your blogs and seeing all your creativity!
Now I sorted through all my comments and your cards and wrote down all your names.

I folded them up and put them in a bowl! You're all gasping at the technology ..I know!

Here is my little one with the bowl and this is whose name she pulled out...

Congratulations JULES. Well done on a lovely card!
As you know you have won WRS Christmas 'Milton and Sledge' stamp which I'm sure you will enjoy! Sorry that you all can't win but Thanks again for joining in with our blog hop...
So Jules...lets swap e-mails honey and sort out getting this stamp to you asap so you can make some christmas cards!
Back to normal now with some more cards and chat very soon!


  1. Well done Jules, enjoy your prize


  2. woweeee!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!i love that stamp too! hugs to the little angel that pulled out my name!!!