Sunday, 9 May 2010

Computer went BANG!

Hello all....

We are having computer problems again...this time there were loads of bangs like machine gun fire and then a burning smell. Yeeks! Where's the fire extinguisher?
So the base unit has gone to the Docs again and we think it needs a new power supply.

I'm using a very, very, slllooowwww dinosaur of a laptop that my daughter uses.

I can't show any cards at the moment as the are all loaded on the hardrive but I have some new stash from a shopping trip on Thursday and a new DT package, Wild Rose Studio stamps and papers...Thank you Dulcie!
So some things to be getting on with.

It's my Birthday tomorrow... a new laptop is on it's way!!!!!
Hope to be back to normal soon....
Enjoy the weekend...


  1. A poorly computer is not good, glad a new one is on the way! Birthday wishes coming your way for tomorrow, hope you have a lovely day! xx

  2. Oh a poorly computer poor you..... I can feel for you on this one, many a time for me on the slow dinosaur computer
    Caroline xx

  3. A very happy birthday to you Sally. Hope you have a really special day. Thanks so much for my lovely birthday card. I feel very spoilt. Lauren x