Wednesday, 12 May 2010

What's on your Workdesk Wednesday?

Hi all..
Now I'm not really into Politics but I was glued to the TV last night watching the live events as Gordon Brown left Downing Street and went to Buckingham Palace and David Cameron moved very swiftly in...the bedsheets must have still been warm!
Talking of bedsheets I now have visions of David Cameron and Nick Clegg in single beds next to each other like Morecambe and Wise!
So I came downstairs this morning at 6.30am and took some photos of my desk. I'm quite pleased it has something on it as it has been very tidy the last few weeks.
I think I have come full circle. It needed a tidy up so it looked respectable to post up but an empty table is a bit boring so now I am making sure I have enough mess to show that I am actually working.

Pride of place is my new laptop...this is my first post on it!

Some new goodies..2 paperpacks,fabric brads, jewels and lemon ice stickles.
If you fancy being a bit nosy and looking around some other workdesks check out Julia's 'Stamping ground' blog.
Back soon with some more cards.
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. ooh lots of yummy stashy goodies...

  2. Yes it is still tidy Sally, love those new goodies you have waiting to be used! LOL. Hugs, Claire x

  3. ohoo very nice new lappy...all shinny...Unlike mine! and some fabby goodies too, and...a very tidy desk! (unlike mine!)


  4. Lovely cards you've got on the go there Sally, I think Milton & Co are so useable. How honoured we are to have the first post! I rushed tobuy the same fabric brads. Haven't used 'em. Can't. Too nice!

  5. Hi Sally, your desk didn't look too bad i was also glued to the tv last night. I wonder if it will work i guess time will tell and i hope we aren't all skinter or i won't have any crafty new stash to play with , LOL
    Hope your having a great night
    Sharon x

  6. Hiya Sally

    lovely tidy desk! I was the same glued to the tv like I was some political expert lol

  7. OOoo nice new goodies, and love your tidy space. Mine is a mess which is unlike me. Off to have a tidy now as craft stash on dining table.
    Hugs Caroline x x

  8. Enjoy your new laptop! The desk is pretty tidy! I love the fabric brads.

  9. Great stash!! Love your laptop - really wish I had one, then I could be typing this in comfort on the sofa!!

  10. Hi Sally
    lovely tidy desk, luv the stamps you have there, lovely card in the making, sue,x

  11. what a nice tidy desk, and new yummies too!

  12. oooh yummy stash...

    Had to smile at your comments about the single beds - I really am bad at keeping up with the news - missed the lot - face bothered???

    Paula x x x

  13. A new laptop, lucky you, I am sitting here using my sons LOL. Thanks for sharing your work desk with us. Great stash too. Tracy Evans x

  14. Nice tidy desk and what's happening with the hand? I love hands and am in the process of making a 'hand' book. Your new laptop looks great too, lol.

  15. I couldn't get the vision of Nick and Clegg out of my head so I had to go back and have another look at your desk....hehe!!

    Great desk by the way!

  16. A new laptop, lucky you, I'm sitting here using my son's LOL. Great stash too. Thanks for sharing. Tracy Evans x

  17. It looks like you have lots of fun stuff going on here Sally !
    I love your desk can I come and play ?!!
    Hugs Susie xx

  18. Hi Sally, thanks for letting me know about the hand, it sounds a fantastic project and can't wait until you blog a picture of them all, good luck to everyone involved. xx

  19. Some really fab stash there. Thanks for the giggle with the beds.....I shall never look at them without giggling now.
    A x

  20. hehehehe What a thought!
    love those brads
    Anne xx

  21. I love your desk, and you've so many gorgeous goodies on it too, have fun
    hugs Mandy xx

  22. We too had our first automated elections in the Philippines. Kept me glued to the TV. For once, we had the results for most of the precincts fairly fast but we're still waiting for votes from far flung areas. I love those embroidered fabric brads, never saw them before. And how wonderful that you have a new laptop! Patsy from