Monday, 20 July 2009

Moon landing.....

Hi all...
My little one went to a party yesterday for the 6th birthday of a little boy in her class. The invitation had 'Star Wars' characters on so I guessed he might like a Space themed card, which ties in well with the 40th Anniversary of Neil Armstrongs moon walk.
So here is the space card I made for him. I tend to make them quite simple affairs for the little ones.
I have been watching all the programmes celebrating the moon landing and find it just so amazing. I was also very pleased to see on the lunchtime news, Neil Armstrong, making a rare speech about it.
I have just made the last sweetie box and teacher card..last day tomorrow and then it's time for some summer fun....


  1. Thanks for your comment......we have been finished from school for 2 weeks already!!the time is flying by!
    I didn't think the girls had that much stuff until we started clearing their room.....they were finding toys they had forgotten they had!lol
    I love my wee cupboard, I am in the process of getting it all organised properly!

  2. Hello Sally - love the card and love the moon - sorry I've been missing from your blog things got a little hectic my end - into calmer waters for a few day now - Bridgette