Thursday, 9 July 2009

Sweet Boxes...

Afternoon blog friends...
So pleased to be able to have something finished to show you. I have been working like a mad woman everyday after school trying to finish off various projects!
I saw the tutorial for these little triangle sweet boxes in a link off 'Cupboard under the stairs'. So Thanks Jane! I have been making a few of these for the Teachers and T.A's who have been helping me with my NVQ.
My assessor has taken my file today to get my first 3 units signed off!

Just love the red cherries! I am going to try and match the sweets up. I have one teacher who loves mints so she will get a green one.
I will show you some more teacher things tomorrow! Have fun!


  1. These are really sweet Sally love the cherries
    hugs Susie xx

  2. They are so easy to do aren't they! Thanks for giving me a mention!;)
    The Ladybug is cute!

  3. These are really cute,Sally....I'm sure the teachers will really appreciate them. I'm also sure you'll do well with your work so hard at deserve to.