Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Last of the Summer Fun...

Morning all....Here they are, the last few days of the Summer Holidays!
We squeezed in a beach day yesterday in Littlehampton...lunch and then Tescos on the way home...Lovely!

Lots of Sandy knickers after this!

She is such a dude!

This balloon ladybird was made at the Barbeque we went to on Saturday. The family had a Punch and Judy entertainer who made balloons for all the kids. Isn't it cute?

And teddy came too....
Last minute labelling to do now on new uniform and 'Thank you notes' for Laurens Party. Watch out for some Halloween cards coming soooooon!


  1. Nice that the weather is still good enough to have fun on the beach at the end of the hols.
    I look forward to your 40th album!!

  2. My Hubby always tuts at me when I start playing with stuff and I don't read the instructions....Maybe I should listen to him, he just rolled his eyes when I told him about the tulip button and said I told you so lol.
    Love your Beatrix Potter Paintings by the way, we went there last year when we were at centre parcs....Gorgeous exhibition!