Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Witch Season?

Good evening everyone...
It is absolutely chucking it down with rain here in West Sussex. It's dark and windy outside and really feels very Autumnal...I feel like saying "Where did the Summer go?" BUT did it actually arrive?
Well back to School tomorrow and onto the next season. I've seen a lot of Halloween cards out there so I thought I would show you these that were made for 'Practical Crafts and Cardmaking' magazine a few years ago now! I don't make many and I have never been asked to make any but they are nice to do and I may do a few 'Ghost' ones as well.

All the dies used are Sizzix originals. This is the original Doll die which I love to use and is my best seller!

Today I met up with 5 other mums and all the kids for lunch. It stayed fine so the kids played on the trampoline. My girls all bathed and ready for bed now and uniforms ironed and labelled ready for tomorrow!
Thanks for visiting my blog and come back soon.....xxxx


  1. I just love this,Sally....would be so perfect for Halloween party invites.....which we used to have when the kids were younger.
    It's pouring here as well...and a definate chill in the air.....strange....the weather usually warms up as soon as it's school time!!!

  2. Hey sally, fab card! I bought quite a few halloween bits in NY - not sure when I'm gonna use them but they were fab - not like the stuff you get here. Will post pics of what I bought this week! Hope you're well x x

  3. Ah this is lovely, love the bright colours with the black. Raining here too but then thats all it ever does here.

  4. Hi Sally, chucking it down here in Yorkshire too...have to admit i quite like it...all an autumn girl :)

    What a fun Halloween card !

    Katy x

  5. Hi Sally! Your Halloween cards are fun!! I bet they go down a 'treat' as it were!! Thanks for your comment and yes I am taking the Christmas ones too! Will be covering both Xmas and non-Xmas, good to mix it up a bit :-) Chat soon, Dulcie xx

  6. Wow! Great card in great colours!!!

    Saskia :)