Monday, 16 February 2009

Crafty Connections!

Here's a little story..
Just after moving in to my current house 6 years ago, I found a little craft shop, down a little lane nestling in the corner of a Plant Nursery car park. So I went inside and met a lovely lady called Caroline. I became a regular customer of this little shop and I loved buying little packs of cut out doll shapes which Caroline used to cut out with a machine called a Sizzix machine. She showed me all her dies and showed me how to make Tag cards and Tag notebooks. Then the little Shop got sold and I bought my own Sizzix machine.

I made lots of cards using my Sizzix machine and won some competitions and then started designing for magazines. Fast Forward 4 years and I joined Craftbubble and met Stamperlou.

Lou and I were talking and she told me that Caroline now co -runs a ribbon company called Raspberry Ribbons. So I found their website and left a message and this evening Caroline got in touch and became a follower on my blog. How's that for Crafty Connections!
So Hello again, Caroline. Hope you like my Sizzix cards.


  1. What a lovely story Sally - it's a small world :) I love this card - it's just so special x Must look into Craftbubble when I get a moment!

  2. Nice to get in touch again. Is she blogging now too?

  3. Am loving your cards Sally. thanks for the lovely little story about us..
    Infact I am friends with alot of my past customers still!!!

    Caroline x