Friday, 13 February 2009

Fairytale love

No cardmaking today as we had to do some shopping.

Popped into Thorntons for a birthday present for 10 year old boy. Got him a football boot with personalised icing. I was looking for a net of chocolate hearts but didn't find any. I couldn't persuade hubby to buy me the large red heart box full of yummy chocolates. He just kept muttering about how much things cost on Valentines Day. I am babysitting for friends tonight so I bought my own nibbles to take with me.

Picked up a copy of 'Quick cards' so I could read interview with Dulcie and then off to Sainsburys to do food shopping.

Hopefully I can do some crafting tomorrow. In keeping with the love theme, here is one of my favourite cards for a fairytale theme engagement party.


  1. You sound busy, don't let hubby put you off getting some nice chocs! I love the little fairytale card. Have a nice weekend.

  2. Slip some choccies into your Sainburys trolley! Have a great weekend xxx