Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Ruby Wedding card

I did manage to make this card today as requested by the headteacher at school. It took me longer than I thought as I leaned over to move a pot of black and pink beads, the top came off in my hand and the pot and beads dropped into a basket full of large punches. Lots of rude words ..and then I had to empty everything out to retrieve the beads. Not an easy job to dislodge them from tightly woven wicker...although the basket looks really tidy now and I found some extra space from somewhere to pack a few more things into it.


  1. Oh no! What a catastrophe! I've done that with pots of beads onto carpet (once it was green beads on a green carpet) and it's so annoying... Dulcie xx

  2. Beads, glitter, sequins, is there any tub which can seem to open their own lids mysteriously! Card is beautiful.