Wednesday, 4 February 2009


This morning I have been to my annual stallholders meeting for the small indoor market that I sell my cards at on the first Friday of every month. As well as my handmade cards there is a Refreshment area and cake stall and a specialist Gingerbread company, A Country Centre and the local allotment commiteee with their home grown fruit and vegetables, a lady who sell knitted scarves/baby cardigans and a bag/bunting lady. Pies and preserves and a lady who makes soaps and handcreams from natural honey. It starts again in March so we were discussing marketing and advertising, raffles etc. As it is in the cricket pavillion next to the village hall and school we were looking at getting more school mums in especially those who drop off for the pre-school nursery.

So we decided to have a sunflower growing competition. The allotment commitee are going to make a little pack up of pot and soil, seeds and instructions, all wrapped in cellophane with a yellow bow for 75p. I will tie in with the idea and put together some mini card kits which will have all the things for children to make your own floral cards, die cut pot, leaves and different flower heads, ribbon bow etc. Do you think 'Country Living would like to do a feature on us? I will post up some pictures for all of you to view anyway.

Those of you who have come from Craftbubble might have seen the photographs of the Christmas Craft Barn that I did with my friend Polly. We are doing an Easter/Spring one in April and have just been discussing what to call this one. I came up with 'Crafty Chicks' which I hope will be on the flyer somewhere. Just for those who haven't seen the photos here are a few from December.. ooh and just want to say 'HI' to Sophie and Chloe, my friend and her daughter who have been following my blog every evening! Thanks guys!!


  1. Looks like you've got a busy few months ahead of you, Sally.

  2. Sounds like a really nice little sales venue.