Monday, 18 May 2009

Wedding butterflies...

Morning everyone...
It's a bright and breezy day here in Sussex and I am enjoying being at home today doing some card orders. I have just finished a Wedding commission, so this is the one I am showing you today. I was told the colour scheme which always this case Navy and Cream with a touch of Gold.

I used one of my Birthday dies...this beautiful butterfly. Slightly fiddly pushing out all the holes and swirls but I love the end result.
And now that I have finished this one I want to do one for stock.

After the family Roast yesterday I spent a few hours making up some cards from a kit that I bought on QVC's Craft Day. It feels a bit like cheating but I couldn't resist them and will show you the cards I made up tomorrow. See you then!


  1. This is beautiful Sally, know what you mean about cheating with qvc kits, but some are just so tempting.

  2. It's gorgeous, elegant.
    Kits do seem like cheating...but occasionally they're just irresistable!!!I don't often buy from QVC,but also succumbed on their Craft Day and bought a lovely mini album that you can open and shut windows on.