Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Easter Staff Appreciation day today....

So Today at school was Staff Appreciation . This was an idea that was brought into our school last year by an American mum who was also a teacher back in Oregon. She was here just for a year with her family and we all loved her.... We all bring in treats for tea break and decorate the staffroom and make the tea and coffee..It's a lovely morning and the teachers really do appreciate it!

Ok...Jacky 'tagged me' and said that I had to show the seventh picture in my seventh file.
So here are Dora and Boots. They are shoe charms that go in the holes in Crocs and my hubby bought some as they were all the craze for the kids. We had some spares and needed a photo to put them on ebay!


  1. What a lovely idea the staff appreciation day staff work so hard....and often get so much criticism....all schools should have one.

  2. How yummy , everything looks lovely I hope everyone had fun . hugs Susie xx

  3. It looks lovely, Sally.
    Your teachers are lucky! xxx

  4. What a nice idea - I could just dive right into that table yum yum - heaven lol xxx