Thursday, 9 April 2009

A little birdie told me.....

I got given this card commission at the end of Jan for April 15th and as I read the 'brief '...birds in a garden' .... I knew I had nothing to do it with so I kept putting it aside.
I kept it in mind when I went shopping and eventually bought the bird stamp at the Brighton Show. Still nothing was coming to mind.
Finally sat down yesterday and put this together.
Amazingly it has turned out OK.. but it was touch and go!
Busy day today visiting relatives in Reading and then 8 of us went out for some pub grub for my friend Sophie's birthday.
Also received a nice surprise parcel of some ribbon, a rabbit stamp, glitter and body lotion for coming 3rd in a Craftbubble Easter card competition! How cool!


  1. Awwww Sally this is more than OK it's lovely:)Have a great Easter break , love Katy x

  2. Great work!!! So creative!


  3. this is just so perfect...what a beautiful little creation ...sassyx

  4. It's turned out beautifully,Sally....really cute...sounds like you've had a busy day...did you write this post in the middle of the night??