Thursday, 30 April 2009

Happy's Circus....

So this was the big top at lunchtime yesterday on the school field. The children were allowed out to have a look at it being put up throughout the day. I was with reception children and having my first assessor observation, so a very busy day!

The Ringmaster and two of the ariel acrobats.

These were taken inside during the evening, so apologies for the poor quality.
What a fantastic show...just so funny! The pictures don't convey the atmosphere.
There were the two main clowns, a father and son..Happy and Pip who introduced each act with a little sketch...lots of adult and child humour! Buckets of water and running through the crowd. we all giggled ourselves to sleep last night.
Back with some more cards soon I hope!


  1. Wow what a day to have your assessor there! Hope it all went well, can't remember ever having a circus at our school.

  2. It all looks a lot of fun....are you sure it's a school??!!Hope you raised lots for the funds.

  3. Been lurking lately Sally, hope you're well :) Sounds (& looks) like you had a wonderful time at the circus (great school!)
    I don't get Beautiful Cards Sally - budget is limited & there are so many mags! LOL xxx