Thursday, 2 April 2009

Making Easter cards at school.....

What a lovely couple of days with the little ones making Easter Cards.
You can see the card I made and then we adapted some of the ideas for them. They are a very creative class and some of them come up with their own wonderful ideas.
I also saw my NVQ assessors..I have two now as one is a trainee. She looked at some of my display photos and said that once I had done my reflective accounts and wrote about the use of the displays in supporting the topic work, the ones I had already done would be enough to finish that unit! So happy days...
She also thinks that I can do a unit where I have to show learning support in a particular curriculum subject and choose Art as the subject.
Easter Egg Raffle at school, Market stall and Crafty Chicks sale tomorrow...another busy day!

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  1. It all sounds great fun, Sally....and the little ones did great with the cards.