Monday, 6 April 2009

Some quick easter cards...

Today I have been rustling up a few quick cards to send out in the Easter card exchange on 'Craftbubble'.
I have a box that I keep die cuts/flowers and other bits and bobs in, that I have previously assembled but not used. I found these foam rabbit heads and some gingham fabric that I had already cut up into squares so these took me no time at all.
Good job really as I thought I would have some stock to send out! I've got a few more cards made up using the Wild Rose Studio bunny and then I think I am done with Easter for this year!
On to Christmas next!


  1. OOOOOOH.... these bunny-cards are soooooo cute!!!!

    Lovely work!!!! Yes... I really love 'cute'!!


  2. These are lovely,Sally...and what a good idea to have a box of 'leftovers' for making up quick cards.

  3. Really cute cards Sally.

  4. Hi Sally

    Your comments on Tab's blog re commissioned cards made me laugh - how do you even start with a card based on a caravan or skydiving or the Beatles. (Football I could probably manage though).

    My latest is "a donkey"!!!

    Love your Easter cards. They are really cute.

    Before I go though - how dare you mention that "C" word in April!!! Shame on you.

    Love Jules xx