Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Get Well Soon- Wild Rose Cat

I thought this would be a suitable card to post up for my girls.
Little one is back in school, but her teacher told me she had a very quiet day yesterday.
Now my eldest has the sick bug and she is in bed today.
Hubby was at home this morning so I did manage to make a start on my Display in the 5/6
area at school. Finishing it tomorrow and then I will show you.
I'm sure you all recognise the stamp as a Wild Rose Studio cat.
I have received a lovely bunny easter stamp from Dulcie and I can't wait to make up some Easter cards. I have got some great Easter ribbon to use as well. How exciting!!


  1. Very cute,Sally. Sorry to hear eldest now sick, hope it soon clears up.

  2. Poor you with another poorly one!
    Lovely card and fab image.

    Caroline x x

  3. Lovely card Sally, your colouring is so great. Lucky girl to get those stamps.

  4. Oooh - sorry to hear about the all the poorlyness! Hope everyone is better soon...

    This card is sooooo beautiful and pretty....such a fab image and wonderful colours....xx

  5. I love the cat stamp. Lovely card, so pretty :o)

    I look forward to seeing your bunny creations too!

    Julia x

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  7. Whoops I keep choosing the wrong sig! Anyway, that card is really cute, Sally! I love the lilac colouring, it's so pretty and girly :-) Hope the sick bug goes away soon... Dulcie xx