Friday, 20 March 2009

Music mum...

This was another Mothers day order. It came from one of my neighbours who I get a lot of work from. They have a running tab and always pop in for cards on the way home.
The brief was simply 'anything to do with Music..she plays the piano' I used my Music and glamour set of toppers and background card that I got from QVC about 18 months ago.
I added a feminine touch with silver butterflies and a white Orchid.
They loved it so I was very pleased....only a few more Mothers day cards to show you....


  1. Sally this is stunning, you are very creative.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with Pinky!!! And it's a very 'posh' card as well.
    Now waiting to see your decorated bags!

  3. How fantastic to have loyal customers for your cards - I am not surprised they return your creations are lovely as is this one - Bridgette x

  4. Wow, fab card! Love the music theme, I image the recipient will adore it!
    Hugs Tab xxx