Friday, 27 March 2009

A Handbag!!!!

I don't know how many Easter Cards I can keep showing you...It's all I seem to be making at the moment. So I'm going to give you a little break from those and show you a few more Die cut cards in my files!
This card was for a regular customer's daughter to give to her daughter. I had to make 3 cards for Louise from her mum, her sister and her Nan!
I'm off out tonight to a pampered chef party so I will be sampling some nice recipes and maybe buy some cooking equipment?


  1. Sounds like fun tonight....don't eat too much.Love the card.

  2. Gosh i have not been over for a while sorry.
    Love this card Sally its fab

    Caroline x x

  3. fab card, love the cake.

    Jane :0)