Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Mothers Day commissions..

I got asked to do this Mothers Day card by the Headteacher at school for her mum.
'Something pretty with a gardening theme' as the pastel spotty paper is my favourite at the moment I just had to include it.
I stamped the whole set of gardening stamps and coloured in with my promarkers...(the' bad boys' as they get called by Willow Sharon).
Once I had cut them all out I loved them so much I couldn't leave any out so its' a bit busy but I like it and she was very happy so........job done!
Other Mothers Day commissions are Music and Horses. So I will be starting on those next.
Parents Evening tonight!... I have Angel 'V 'Little Devil at the moment with my two girls.
Eldest was in Dancetime at Worthing Pavillion last night and danced like a beautiful, elegant, ladylike...then monster face is the little one, who is soo cute but is a bit like the little girl in the Haribo advert. (Sign the confession...look into my eyes).
Off to the hairdressers at 11am for a few inches off the bottom, as I am looking a bit witch like.
Let you know if I like it!


  1. Love it, not too busy at all.

  2. oohh gorgeously coloured with those bad boys ;)
    Good look with parents evening.

    I am going for a couple of inches off in a couple of weeks also..x

  3. A fabulous card Sally....Mmmm...I used to design some gardening type stamps, so must have another bash at those (when I get a sec!)....Love your colours and the pretty polka dot paper.

    Hope Parent Evening went ok....xx

  4. This one made me smile too... I'm loving the little snail - and I agree with the comment from Pinky, it's not too busy - it's full of cute little gardening 'necessaries' lol - as I got out of my hairdresser's chair at 11.00 am this morning you were just sitting down in yours - I was beginning to look like a Base City Roller, mullet springs to mind - I'm looking a lot better now - do you like yours? Can't imagine you ever looked like a witch - Bridgette

  5. It's perfect for someone who loves gardening.
    Watch out for the 'little devil' developing into 'teenage attitude'!!!!!!!!!!!!