Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Spring Cleaning......

This Wild Rose Studio cat is just perfect for a Mothers Day Card....and I'm still getting orders coming in so guess what I am doing today. I had just enough pink gingham which is just so spring like.... and I love this pink and lime combo.

Hubby is off this week and doing lots of jobs in the house.... He is Spring cleaning today.
Hoovering and re-arranging the living room as I type.
We live in a three story townhouse with our livingroom on the second floor and have two sets of double doors that open. The 'Summer' arrangement is the sofa corner unit away from the windows so they open fully and the 'Winter' arrangement is sofa in front of windows. We have deep red curtains and cushions in winter and pale gold in summer.
So today is changing seasons! This is all his idea by the way... yesterday he made chocolate chip muffins for the cake sale at school. He does the food shopping (as I spend too much) and the washing as well.
Does anyone else have a husband like this?


  1. Sadly the answer is no, Sally....but to be fair he does a lot of DIY,does his own ironing,always cleans the oven [which is my pet hate]and occasionally cooks...and considering he works away most weeks I definately shouldn't complain about how much he does!!

  2. It sounds like you have a great husband, Sally! Food shopping AND washing..good brownie points there for sure.

    I love the card! Pretty gingham, it matches perfectly with the stamp... each time you use it you make it look fresh and different, with the colours you choose... Dulcie xx