Friday, 28 August 2009

Poor wee Freddie...

Afternoon all...
I am feeling much better today....but the shock news this week came from one of my best and oldest friends,(we met at Art College together when we were 16).
Her little 4 year old boy, Freddie got hit by a landrover outside their house. It's a very quiet village and a narrow lane so thankfully no real speed was involved but poor wee Freddie is in hospital with a broken collar bone, perforated ear drum and a not so good spleen. He has got up today and gone to the toilet and smiled for the first time in a week. So this is the card I made for him...on it's way with some treats!

I thought this little dinosaur with a heart balloon would cheer him up a bit.
If anyone has been watching Justin Lee Collins on t.v, learning new things each week...yesterdays was high diving and last week was to sing in the West End. He was brilliant the way...Well he has the most gorgeous little blonde boy called Archie (who is the star of the show). He is just like Freddie.

I have been doing a special order for a double christening and some Halloween cards are on the way! My Blush promarker has gone to heaven BUT a new one is on it's way along with some some of his friends.
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  1. Aw poor wee thing!! Hope he gets better soon

  2. Hope it cheers him up.
    You're quite right that you need to use what your customers a bit disappointed in the new kit....the summer one which I didn't get was lovely...typical!!!

  3. aw, what a super card! Hope he gets well soon!