Monday, 24 August 2009

A trip to Bosham Harbour....

Evening Ladies...Well... we didn't make it to the beach! The weather just wasn't up to it today...a bit cooler and overcast and very patchy.
We did however take a little trip to Bosham Harbour which is one of my favourite little mini day trips out near where I live. The Arts and Craft Centre in particular, with it's lovely craft units of pottery, paintings, bead shop and a new extra unit added onto the wooden toy shop...a little gem packed with paper, stamps, ribbon, buttons and other lovely cardmaking goodies.

Now it looks like torrential rain has fallen here but at 3pm this is high tide coming along the road. You can just see the top of the sign post that warns everybody as people often park their cars and walk along the watersedge at low tide.

This dog came running along the road and enjoyed a little dip. There were lots of cyclists and quite a few boats out on the water.

The sun came out here and there is a lovely grass area where you can just sit and look out onto the boats . Next time we are going to take a was so beautiful.

My girls larking about.

And I couldn't resist a little bit of craft shopping.I bought some bits and bobs to make some earings in the bead shop and then filled a plastic wallet with card for £2.99 and got some lovely paw print design and some embossed christmas designs.
Going to read my Nikon camera manual cover to cover as I want to take some better close up pictures and I'm sure my camera has the ability.
Just a reminder QVC Craft Day tomorrow..starts at midnight..Happy Shopping!


  1. Glad you had a great day, we visited Bosham earlier in the year (my aunt has a caravan at Bracklesham Bay) and loved the arts and craft centre too! xx

  2. Looks like you had a lovely day.....I really should avoid QVC tomorrow as I had quite a spend at Paper Arts this weekend.....but as the forecast is rain....might find myself taking a little peep!!

  3. one of my fav places Sally. We went to Crawley today and I popped into the cloth shop..
    Love your photos and looks like fab weather as well
    Caroline xx

  4. It looks lovely there....and always a good day when you can squeeze is some crafty shopping I think!

  5. Oh Sally! Bosham harbour..I know it so well, I went to Bosham County Primary School and grew up in (almost) the next village!! Such a nice suprise to see those pics here, though I knew of course that you're not far away from there :-) Dulc xx