Monday, 17 August 2009

Queen for a day...

Hi all....
Well my little one did so well today at her summer school swimming lessons that her instructor has already put her into the next class. The downside is that it is half an hour earlier at 9.30am. Set the alarm!!

My hubby and I have been buying pressies for her birthday and they are hidden in the wardrobe ready for a wrapping session on Wednesday night.
We are hoping for some good beach weather for her birthday on sister is coming down to visit for the day.

My card today uses the lovely handmade pink heart flock paper that was on yesterdays card as well...I thought it went well with the 'Queen for the day' quote and pink sparkly crown.
Pop back tomorrow for some more cards and chat...Bye♥


  1. Amazing how cards using the same paper can still look so different.Today have posted a card using one of your images...the gorgeous princess fairy one...just love it.

  2. Aw thanks for that....I spent all day at work worrying about her, but she was fine as soon as I had left! They don't really like the parents going in at her school(which I think is a shame), but she says she will be okay going in herself tomorrow. Silly thing ate all her packed lunch at playtime tho!! They had to take her in for a school dinner lol Thanks again for you kind words;0)

  3. oooh gorgeous card, sweetie! Love the sweet little crown and the colours are delish!
    Huge congrats to your daughter for doing so well at swimming!
    Hugs Tab xxx