Thursday, 27 August 2009

Spotty Stocking....

Hiya...I am just about managing to type through puffy sore eyes, sneezing and a very runny nose!
Yes...I have caught a cold! I spent most of the day in bed yesterday and have got up to do this then I'm going back to lay down. Hubby was in and out yesterday and got girls sorted in the evening but he has gone to football tonight so I am begging them to be good and go to bed without fuss. So quick chat about card.
Used the same colours as yesterday's card and some die cut bears head and paws.

I love these spotty great with the red flower.

Close up on the black dew drops from Tabby crafts.
Hope you are all feeling better than me at the moment...Back off to rest!


  1. gorgeous cute card!! ~love all the added details!!
    look after yourself ~get well soon
    vanessa xx

  2. So sorry to hear about the cold....snuggle down and take care....but you've still managed to make a gorgeous card.
    Vary impressed with the photos you take now!!

  3. Hope you're feeling better?!

    Lovely card... great colours and cute image!!! So sweet!

    Saskia :)

  4. Great card Sally cute liitle bear
    My stamp you were asking about cam from Nikki at great idea dont you think
    Have a great day love Susie xx