Friday, 14 August 2009

A simple Birthday card...

Hi All...
I am a bit weary as I write this...I decided to get up today and do a 'Summer Clean'
Did the hoovering all over, which is harder than it sounds as I have 3 floors.
Changed bed linen and even re-arranged little ones room moving the bed to another wall. We chucked a few things out on the way. Then decided to scrub (on hands and knees) the kitchen floor.
The girls went outside to paint their wooden dolls house as little one had felt tipped pen on the door and roof.
So I have just washed up all the paint things and now hubby is cooking more cleaning later then.
My card today is an old favourite. Such a simple design that has been re-jigged a few times over the years but is always a good basic stock card. Sometimes I do it in shades of one colour but I do like the rainbow colours best.
The flame is just some gold glitter glue.
Looking forward to TV tonight. Big Brother...Halfwit or Marcus to go????? and then 'True Blood'. Gripping stuff! Chat to you over the weekend.


  1. Simple,but very effective.
    I'm very impressed by all your cleaning,Sally.I was going to do the supermarkwt shop this afternoon,but a friend called round unexpectedly and instead we sat chatting and drinking coffee all afternoon!!!It'll have to be done tomorrow now.

  2. I bet it was hard work but it feels great to get things done doesn't it!
    I think Marcus will go but it is a shame it isn't Bea (and I was a Bea fan until this week) Wasn't the thing with Rodrigo and the Queen hilarious!

  3. Oh sweetie your card is gorgeous! Just love everything about it!

    Oooh sounds like a busy day, you need to put your feet up! I want Marcus to go, can't be doing with him LOL.
    Hugs Tab xxx

  4. amazing card ~so stylish!!
    wow all that cleaning ~really must get going on my house really needs a good clean ans so needs decorating!! heyho!!
    have a good weekend
    vanessa xx

  5. OMG I need to go to bed after reading this...LOL, love the card, simple but fab...Hugs Avrilxx